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Cliff Hampton: Waiting for this Bastard to Write his own…


Kent Jones has been consulting since 2008. Recently he has been on a full time retainer with Wilson & Hampton Painting Contractors in Anaheim CA. He befriended Cliff early, and took over the Safety and Technology Operations, as well as Managing most of the Larger Projects undertaken by the company. Before his stint at Wilson & Hampton he was Partner in a Construction Firm in Southern NV. Kent is Originally from Mesquite NV. During his High School Career he served as the Technical Director for the Mesquite Arts Council where he managed the technical operations for Large Scale Productions for the community. After High School he attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe AZ where he trained to become an Audio Engineer. After Completing the Program in Tempe, he served a two year mission in Guayaquil Ecuador for the LDS Church where he became fluent in the Spanish Language. After his mission he moved to St. George UT, where he met his wife and partnered in a construction firm. His work has taken him all over North and South America with Projects in Ecuador, Panama, Hawaii, Alaska, and all across the Continental United States. He,his wife and 3 boys currently call Southern California home.

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