Paperwork, the what and why…

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Paper Work!

The next item we probably need to cover is paperwork. If you are going to be doing business, especially with any big contractors, you’re going to have a lot of paperwork that you’re going to have to do. This came to mind to me because I was just on a project in Chicago. It was an interesting project because we were doing work for a religious organization and a lot of the contractors, or subcontractor I should say, are smaller organizations that could come from all over the country.

In talking with them, the constant thing that they were complaining about was the amount of paperwork that they had to do if they wanted to have a change, or if they needed to do anything. “Why can’t it just be in my contract?” And I remember those days of being a small contractor and not understanding what is required.

It was funny because on this project the paperwork wasn’t really that bad, as compared to places like LAX, where we have a ton of paperwork that we have to do. If you want to go work for a giant general, someone like Hensel Phelp or PCL, just know: there’s going to be a ton of paperwork. Especially if you are going to do any government work, it’s going to be even worse.  

So the importance of things like: Daily Reports, JHA’s, Field Extra Tickets or Change Order Requests, Items like Notice of delay or Notice of Impact. There are going to be a bunch of different pieces of paper that we are going to talk about over the next course of videos.

But know that if you want to take your contracting level to where you can work for some of these bigger contractors,these are the things that are going to be required. So I am going to help you understand what they are and hopefully use them to your advantage.

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