Construction Technology and 3D Printing

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This was posted on one of the subreddits I frequent today. The Caption was: Client Requested a physical copy of the floor plan for the Fire Station we are building.

I try to at least be aware of what is going on in the industry. I listen to the ConTechTrio Podcast pretty regularly. So I am aware of the advancement with Items like the Microsoft Hololens. I was still pretty shocked when I saw this today and realized how difficult this isn’t. Most of the time you are a CAD fie and a 3D Printer away from a scaled model of whatever it is you are going to bid.

I figured I should share this. Anybody in the industry can see the usefulness of something like this. And while a Microsoft HoloLens will set you back a measly $3,000. Something like this, even if you paid somebody to print it for you, would only cost a few hundred bucks! Technology is the future of construction. I’m just excited to see where it is heading.

Just think of all the time you could save explaining to your Foreman what he is and isn’t supposed to do. Also changes will become easier to spot. Now to convince Cliff we need a 3D Printer!


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