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This is What happens when you don’t follow the rules…

OK Everybody, Just as a Heads up, I was banned from /r/construction last week for posting about the podcast. People had expressed their interest so I made an official post. It lasted about 6 hours until the Mods shut it down. I am working on trying to remove the ban, but I feel it will be a while until I am able to get it removed.

Thanks to those who upvoted and commented before it was removed.

If any of you have a good story about getting banned from a community or job site, PLEASE SHARE IT!


In case you missed it, here is the Post that was TOO HOT FOR /r/Construction!



I have been receiving some feedback that there might be interest in our little side project. A Boss/Friend and I are starting a Podcast about Construction Careers. All of the ones I have followed regularly are no longer being updated.

Our goal is to have fun with it. We are set to begin recording next week, but likely won’t release it until the first of the year.

If you want to be reminded go to the Website and Signup. I promise that the email List you sign on will only be used to remind people of the podcast. You’re not signing up for recurring emails.

I apologize that the Copy is terrible and the Design is Poor, But holy hell we are busy all the time, and will skimp on everything but Content.

I would also love to hear what others are looking for in a podcast. We originally thought about best practices, but realized that most of the posts (In this Sub, and other forums) are people asking about work life, career path advice, and company culture. So we figure we will try and flesh those areas out.

We are interviewing both young, and established constuctoids, all across the industry. So Let me know if there is something you think we should touch on.

We will likely release it in seasons with about 12-15 episodes per set. (Because we would rather do a bunch of work all at once, then focus on the OTHER work we are putting off to do this.) So let me know your thoughts on that.

Huge fan and long time subscriber to the SUB.

I also found it funny that one of the top posts is about someones boss being an Asshole. Technically a lot of people think that about Cliff… 🙂

Also if you are interested in being on the show, feel free to drop me an email.

Website: ConstructionCareerPodcast

Email: kent[at]

EDIT I should also Add that there is Linkedin Group setup if anybody wants to join. Search for ConstructionCareerPodcast


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